Exploring Book Clubs and Reading Groups for Librarians in Nashville, Tennessee

Are you a librarian in Nashville, Tennessee looking to join a book club or reading group? You're in luck! There are plenty of options available for book lovers in the city. From the Tennessee Book Club to the Killer Thrillers Book Club, there's something for everyone. The Tennessee Book Club is a partnership between the Tennessee State Museum and the Next Chapter Society Book Club. Every month, members meet at the Black Abbey Brewing Company to discuss books and enjoy a pint of beer.

The genres vary from science fiction to adult memoirs to historical novels. If you're interested in reading about murder and revenge, then the Killer Thrillers Book Club is perfect for you. Every first Thursday of the month, head to the Nashville Public Library at noon to explore classic and contemporary stories of murder and chaos. Ryan Darrow, manager of the Donelson branch of the Nashville Public Library, shared details about the different book clubs in the city that you can join.

The Nashville Chapter has been active and energetic over the years, participating in and sponsoring many book-related projects. With members from local publishers, libraries, universities, the writing community and other book lovers, the Chapter stands out for its many programs and events. The Nashville Book Club was founded by a woman from Nashville, Dawn, and has been a welcoming community for women and housewives from Nashville who share an interest in reading. The chapter participated in the 1959 Art Festival with an exhibition that showed the various phases of book publishing and art. Joining a local book club is not only an opportunity to explore the best of the literary world, but it's also a great way to meet new friends and participate in thoughtful discussions.

The Next Chapter Society book club at the Nashville Public Library provides a welcoming environment for its members to enjoy their favorite works and share them with the community. Several Tennessee Book Club activities include monthly roundtables with guest authors, weekly meetings, and member meetings. At Phat Bites in Donelson on the second Tuesday of every month, you can come and chat about some of the best current stories courtesy of the Bite Size Book Club. Members of the WNBA initiated and sponsored the first Nashville Book Fair in 1957 with collaboration from other groups such as the Nashville Youth League. In 1968 and 1987, they joined forces with other organizations to start the Southern Book Festival. The Gloss Book Club meets once a month to discuss a variety of literary genres, connecting women with shared literary interests.

In 1995, a literary map of Tennessee was published as a result of collaboration between WNBA Nashville, the Tennessee Bicentennial Commission, and the Tennessee Council of English Teachers. No matter what your preferred genre is, there's a good chance that there's a book club in Nashville that fits your tastes and schedule. So if you're looking for an opportunity to explore literature while meeting new friends, then join one of these amazing book clubs today!.

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