Connect with Marketers in Nashville, Tennessee: Join a Book Club or Reading Group

Are you a marketer in Nashville, Tennessee looking to connect with other like-minded individuals? Joining a book club or reading group is the perfect way to do just that. Ryan Darrow, manager of the Donelson branch of the Nashville Public Library, recently shared details about the different book clubs in the city that you can join. Ingram Content Group (Ingram) has made it easier than ever to join a book club with their suite of consumer marketing services. The Book Club in a Bag kits contain 10 copies of a popular book, discussion questions, author biography and tips for the book club.

Ingram has a deep understanding of the book market and a history of creating scalable technology and services to help publishers sell more books. In addition to their Book Club in a Bag kits, Ingram has also created a database of millions of “verified readers” (well-known book lovers segmented into book categories) that publishers can now access through exclusive tools and services aimed at consumers. Join us at Nashville's book clubs with these joint ventures between the NPL and community organizations. And it includes Ingram Book Group LLC, Ingram Publisher Services LLC, Lightning Source LLC, Ingram Library Services LLC, Tennessee Book Company LLC, and Ingram Content Group UK Ltd. If you're looking for an opportunity to connect with other marketers in Nashville, Tennessee, consider joining one of the many book clubs or reading groups available in the city.

With the help of Ingram's consumer marketing services, you'll be able to find the perfect book club for you and start connecting with other like-minded individuals.

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