Discover the Literary World in Nashville: Book Clubs and Reading Groups

Are you a bookworm looking for a great way to explore the literary world in Nashville? Look no further! There are plenty of book clubs and reading groups in the city that cater to all kinds of genres and interests. From the Main Library (Downtown Nashville) to Books & Brews, there's something for everyone. Parnassus Books is a local, independent company that connects the community through books and offers two of its own book clubs: Parnassus Book Club and Classics Club. The Bookshop, located on the East Side, houses four book clubs in the next door coffee shop, Hanna Bee Coffee.

At Phat Bites in Donelson, you can join the Bite Size Book Club on the second Tuesday of every month. The Gloss Book Club meets once a month to discuss a variety of literary genres. No matter what your preferred genre is, there's a good chance that there's a book club in Nashville that fits your tastes and schedule. Joining a local book club is not only an opportunity to discover the best of the literary world, but it's also an excellent way to make new friends and participate in thought-provoking conversations. Sometimes a book can spark an entirely different discussion and take the conversation away from the book itself.

In addition, Parnassus offers registrations for book groups, allowing members to order and buy their chosen books at a discounted price while also being notified of events and workshops for authors in the store. Each fall, Parnassus hosts a book club workshop which teaches members how to manage a successful book club, choose great reads, and more. Whether you're starting your own book club or just want to read something good, Parnassus Books fulfills its mission of connecting people to great books and meaningful experiences.

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